Westport Local Business Promotion Touches the General Public

News | Jul 19, 2011

The Westport News organization writes an interesting promotional product news article illustrating how a good-hearted deed helps a local business present their company to the public.

Steve Crowley a commercial real estate investor in Westport, CT, decides that he wants to raise money for Missouri and North Dakota tornado and flood victims by selling patriotic T-shirts. Even though Steve, according to a fundraiser spokeswoman, "has no connection to the Midwest states," she insists that "He just saw people in need and wanted to raise awareness to all." A devastated hospital in Joplin, Missouri will receive all profits from the T-shirt sales.

This promotional product news article demonstrates how Steve's local business campaign will not only help the general public, but may also promote his firm as a compassionate and concerned entity. Most likely, the public will identify with the disaster and participate in the drive, allowing Steve's company exposure to a lot of new potential clients. In no way Printa Systems encourages using natural disasters to promote a business. Printa only suggests that opening your heart to a good cause while helping others provides an opportunity for people to know who you are, and what your company stands for.