Wedding Retailer Says 'I Do' To Printa Systems Personalized Glassware

Pad Printing | Jun 5, 2011

This online retailer, based in Duluth, GA, was finding the cost of printing personalized glassware and champagne flutes prohibitive. A business planner recommended that they bring the work in house. At Printa Systems, we were ready to help.

The nature of the business required small to medium batches of each specific design. Furthermore, the wedding retailer needed to do both pad and cylindrical printing. Rather than recommending a separate machine for each, we suggested the 990 Series Platinum System. This particular machine readily handles both methods and produces high quality results. Because of this, the retailer was able to handle in-house personalization of stemware, champagne flutes, and wedding favors. They were even able to add products they had not previously considered selling. The 990 Series Platinum could handle everything they needed easily.

In fact, we helped them increase their profit margin by more than 40%. Despite the down economy, their overall business doubled as a result of the additional products they were able to supply. Also, by gaining control over the personalization process, they eliminated a possible source of delays. In the wedding business, it is vital to provide a product or service on time. By having one machine to do both pad and cylindrical printing, as the 990 series Platinum could do, they saved space and cost.

This company found the 990 series Platinum perfect. Their business went from doing well to thriving. At Printa Systems, we offer a variety of screen printing, pad printing, and Dye sublimation systems to suit various business needs.