Viewing a New Business Opportunity Through Fresh Eyes

Home Based Business Opportunity | Feb 4, 2013

Startup to success, How it worked for these entrepreneurs

OK, so you’re new to the promotional products industry (well, perhaps you are). I admit, I am. You may have a number of questions that ultimately tie back to one big question: How can I be successful in this industry? As I look at this question with the fresh eyes of one who is still exploring the landscape of this $18 billion industry, I wish to encourage you with several points that have impressed me in conversations with many of Printa’s clientele. 

Here’s a few of the comments I’ve heard during some of my conversations.

1. “My next door neighbor as well as the guy down the street could start up screen printing businesses and each of our businesses could be successful. It wouldn’t affect my business in the least.” - In other words there is a great deal of untapped business opportunity for garment printing and promotional products. How cool is that?

2. “If I take care of my customers, providing a quick turnaround, hitting the deadlines I commit to, my customers will continue to be loyal and my business will grow.” - Wow, a business with a clientele that seeks performance and rewards the business with repeat business at a fair price.

3. “I have spent years cultivating business relationships with vendors and customers within the business community. Now I want to enter into the screen printing/promotional products business. I have a huge potential base of built-in customers who need my products and services.” - Absolutely. At least half of our customers enter this industry to leverage the years of business relationships they have built up through other business activities. Every business and non-profit needs these products in their business.

4. “Without a single customer I was able to build a thriving business and I never made a single cold call.” - The entrepreneur who told me this used web-based advertising to great success. They backed it up with great service and their clients kept coming back for more.

5. “I only needed a handful of customers to get going and create a quick return on investment.” - Many of Printa’s customers have built a great business on servicing a smaller number of clients who needed the responsive service that small businesses can provide.

There’s much more. I’m just getting started. I’m still learning. What a great opportunity for a business startup. What about you? Printa has been helping launch new businesses for two decades. We provide the equipment training and support to help you succeed. Our 770 Screen Printing Systems, 990 Pad Printing Systems and our 550 Heat Press and Sublimation Systems along with our training and commitment to exceptional support have helped launch thousands of new business over the past two decades. At Printa, “Our mission is your success”.