Video Store Uses 770 Screen Printing System to Develop Specialty Clothing Line.

Screen Printing Business | Dec 27, 2012

Kirbyville, TX business owner builds own brand with Printa 770 Screen Printing System

At a video store in Kirbyville Texas business in specialty clothing is hot! In addition to video rentals and sales, the store’s owner had developed a strong business in several brands of clothing for young girls including the store's most successful brand, “Girlie Girl”. The owner recognized that there was a much broader market for clothing designs with a similar theme.  With an entrepreneurial mind and proven business success, she engaged a talented friend to create their own brand of t-shirts and tops for the teen and tween market. To launch their new venture they chose the Printa Systems 770 Screen Printing System. After comparing the Printa screen printing system with other products in the market their choice was based on the system's dual-pin registration feature as well as the micro-adjusts which provide the ability to produce both commercial quality spot color designs as well as more advanced 4-color process, and 6-color simulated process.

Printa business consultant Jamie Clay worked with the client and explains “Many of our clients have been very creative and have developed their own artwork and specialty clothing items. It’s great fun and a great lifestyle business for those with an artistic talent.”

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