Utah Truck Driver is Ready to Get Off the Road And Get to Work With His Own Printa Systems Screen Printing Enterprise

Home Based Business Opportunity | May 1, 2011

A profitable home based business opportunity sounds particularly appealing if you've spent most of your career on the road. This Utah truck driver is ready to settle down to a successful screen and promotional product printing business. Using Printa Systems outstanding 770 Series and 990 Series equipment, this man has a great short run custom printing future ahead of him.

What city and state is the customer located in?

This Printa Systems customer hails from Payson, Utah.

What type of business does the client run?

The client is now operating his own home based screen printing and promotional product business.

What were the client's need and why did they contact Printa?

When this client first contacted Printa Systems he was a full-time professional truck driver who wanted to retire from that line of work. He needed to replace his income and as such he was looking for the right business opportunity with a fast ROI. While researching viable home based businesses he discovered Printa Systems.

What type of equipment did you recommend to the client?

Based on the business that this customer wants to build, we recommended both the Printa Systems 770 Series screen printing equipment and the 990 Series pad printing equipment.

Why did you recommend this equipment selection to the client?

This customer is interested in both custom screen printing of t-shirts and caps and other soft goods. He also wants to develop a business offering custom promotional products and needs to be able to do golf ball printing, and custom mug printing along with selected other items.

What was the end result? How is the equipment helping the customer?

This Printa Systems client has already done considerable market research in his area of Utah. He's currently in the ramp up stage of his custom printing business and has numerous clients ready to place orders for screen printed t-shirts and custom printed promotional items. He should be able to stop driving truck by the end of this summer.