Turnersville Brothers Grow Business In A Tight Space With Printa Systems 770 Series

Screen Printing | May 23, 2011

Printa Systems is helping a major offset and paper printing business in Turnersville, New Jersey add value to its brand by offering screen printed promotional textiles to their corporate clients. Now this company offers something its competition cannot: a one-stop solution for not only paper and digital printing, but screen printed logos on clothing, umbrellas and tote bags.

Because it is such a complete and comprehensive screen printing solution, 770 Series Deluxe Plus 6 Color System, combined with our Artwork Solutions Package, is the best fit for a business of their size and reputation. Two brothers own this New Jersey company and have operated in the same place for many years. As the business grows, free space is precious. We recommend the 770 Series screen printing machine because it delivers professional print results with an extremely small footprint measuring just over 50 square feet.

The 770 Series Deluxe Plus 6 Color System is a turnkey solution and includes all the equipment, hands on training at Printa Systems, and unlimited toll-free technical support. This Turnersville business will hit the ground running, offering top-notch screen printed products to their high-end clients in no time at all. The increase in profits could actually pay for the equipment in a surprisingly short time. Not only will these brothers offer their current clients more promotional options and prevent them from looking elsewhere, the expanded product line will definitely attract new customers. The growth potential is staggering, and we are excited to help this small business grow with our 770 Series screen printing equipment.