Texas Highschool Turns to Printa Systems for Improved Fundraising Success

Screen Printing | May 13, 2011

We could all agree that schools need better financial support in order to fund special programs and events for their students. A large portion of fundraising comes from the students themselves, as they purchase clothing and other items featuring school logos or other popular icons. But the cost of inks and the labor involved in producing these items can often drive prices so high that few students can afford them. Such was the trouble in the McKinney high school graphics department, and they came to Printa to help solve the problem.

We offered them a Printa Systems 770 6-color screen printer with a dryer and vinyl capabilities which perfectly suited their needs and dramatically reduced the time and costs associated with producing fundraising items. Now, the department can print t-shirts, jerseys, and other products to help bring in much-needed financial support for their school faster and with reduced financial investment.

In the weeks following the implementation of the Printa solution, our clients said they had never seen student participation and enthusiasm so high-the quality of the products they were turning out significantly increased interest in the items they offered. Their fundraising is already successful, and they say that they are very much looking forward to seeing repeated success in the coming year. Printa Systems thanks McKinney's high school for allowing us to partner with them toward success not only in the school, but in the lives of the students that will benefit from the proceeds of their improved fundraising.