Target Market for A Successful Screen Printing and Promotional Product Business

Pad Printing | Oct 5, 2012

Like most profitable companies, you want to develop your screen printing, pad printing and promotional product business with a marketing plan to reach a specific group within a market…a target market.

To be successful, it is important to differentiate yourself from your competition in the decorated apparel and promotional product industry by focusing on the unique capabilities that you bring to the prospective customer. Understanding and defining your target market is one of the very important decisions when you are creating your marketing plan.
To start this process, you want to brainstorm all the different contacts you have and ways that you can service the needs and wants of their market segment.  We have seen great success with so many of our customers over the years who got their screen printing equipment in house and then started with a niche they were familiar with whether in martial arts, motor sports, school groups, music groups, and so many more. Their familiarity with the particular market group helped them understand the specific needs these markets had and gave them the ability to, not only get the business, but to have a long term customer and gain similar customers through word of mouth.
A Redmond Washington 770 Series Screen Print System customer is also a professional tennis coach. He started his business with a target market of selling to youth tennis teams. He soon became the go to resource for this market segment’s screen printed t-shirts needs. Shortly thereafter, he found the high school tennis coach had passed his card along to the volleyball coach, and not long after that, parents of the kids started to call with their own promotional product needs. He says, “Now I’m doing everything from for youth sport camp sweatshirts to pad printed promotional products, mugs and t-shirts for the local art center auctions. It’s amazing how one specific focus expanded into other areas.”
By identifying your target market and products to offer them, you will be working smarter to promote your business. The Partner Plus Program from Printa Systems helps you to identify your target market as well as gives you the marketing tools and strategies to give you a competitive edge and get your t-shirt business on the fast track to profitability. The Partner Plus Intro is now included with 770 Series Screen Printing Systems. Contact us today to learn more!