Surrey, BC, Canada Store Owner Expands His Business With Printa Systems 990 Series Pad Printer

Pad Printing Business | May 1, 2011

The reputation of the outstanding equipment made by Printa Systems has spread beyond the U.S. border. This Canadian business owner wanted to expand his shop's offerings by utilizing top quality pad printing equipment, and chose the Printa 990 Series. This system lets him efficiently custom print promotional goods including drinkware, key chains, writing utensils, clocks, calculators and much more.

Where is the customer located?

This Printa Systems pad printing equipment customer is in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

What type of business does the client run?

The client has an existing business, a custom engraving shop with a store front located in downtown Surrey.

What are the client's needs and why did they contact Printa?

This BC customer was looking to expand his business to include custom print production of the promotional products he has had to outsource. He also wanted to efficiently produce customized drinkware for weddings and other events.

What type of equipment did you recommend to the client?

We recommended the Printa Systems 990 Series pad printing equipment; it's ideal for the custom printing applications that this customer wanted to utilize in his existing business.

Why did you recommend this equipment selection to the client?

The Printa System 990 Series was created specifically to enable a small business to mass produce customized drinkware and other promotional items such as writing utensils, key chains, clocks, and more. It provides a quick turnaround and drastically lowers the per unit cost; this client is now able to create profit instead of outsourcing his promotional printing business to others.

What was the end result? How is the equipment helping the customer?

Our Surrey BC client is ecstatic with his Printa 990 Series Pad Printing equipment. He's able to take advantage of the system's faster set up time and production levels that exceed most printer's capabilities by 75%. He also has complete control of the end product and its quality.