Suarita High School Helps Budget with the Printa 770 Screen Printing Equipment

Screen Printing | May 13, 2011

The head of the graphics program at a high school in Suarita, AZ, was recently brainstorming ways to boost school spirit. The school's sports teams were having an unprecedented year. Both the girls' and boys' varsity basketball teams were undefeated. The varsity football team was on its way to the championship, and the baseball and softball teams were scoring record wins. Morale was high, and there had never been more people attending games.

But the school needed a way to increase fundraising. Traveling to games and paying for uniforms was not inexpensive. The school wanted to raise additional funds for other extracurricular activities as well. The administrators also wanted to bring in a hands-on way to teach business and marketing to students.

Printa Systems recommended the 770 screen printing equipment to the client. With this system, the school could produce any type of item, from t-shirts to hats, binders to book bags. In fact, the sports teams would even be able to print their own jerseys in house. It is environmentally friendly, compact and versatile, so it could be installed anywhere in the school, even though they didn't have a lot of extra space.

The Printa 770 screen printing equipment proved to be a big hit. Not only has there been an increase in student participation, selling products with the school's mascot has raised so much money that the school has been able to lower the cost of extracurricular activities. The sports team members no longer have to pay for their own uniforms or travel.