St. James, MO Store Owners Profit With Printa Systems 770 Series Screen Printing Machine

Screen Printing | Jun 10, 2011

Recently, owners of a footwear business in St. James, Missouri decided to go in a new direction and start making clothing that appealed to the college students and college football fans in their city. They knew that the college community provided a large possibility for sales that they had not yet tapped into. In addition, they believed that their shoe sales would boom if they included college-themed apparel in their store.

After forming a contract with the campus bookstores at the local University of Missouri to provide sweatshirts and t-shirts with the college logo, the clients knew they needed a top-quality screen printing machine to meet the needs of their business. After an extensive search, they found that Printa Systems was the perfect match for them, because we could give them a high-quality product, unlimited training, and toll-free, easily available customer support.

After finding out the needs of our customers, we suggested that they try the 770 Series screen printing machine. The footwear business that they run has only a small area to place a machine, so we knew that the compact 770 Series would be an excellent choice. We also knew that the 770 Series also has an interchangeable platen system that would allow them to easily print all different types of college-themed apparel, from t-shirts to baseball caps.

As soon as they started using their 770 Series screen printer and put their new college apparel in the university's bookstores, our clients started to see a boom in their profits. They gained a clear edge in their community's screen printing market, and they began to see more business in their footwear store when they promoted t-shirts with every shoe purchase. These creative, industrious business owners were very glad that they chose to partner with Printa Systems.