Sportswear Company Tackles Screen Printing Needs with Printa Systems 770 Series

Screen Printing | Jun 4, 2011

The owner of a sportswear company in Bardstown, Kentucky, contacted us after realizing that his supplier was charging an insane markup for producing athletic uniforms. Although his business was doing well already, avoiding the high charges would increase his profits substantially. Also, the outsourcing company was slow, not always providing products in a timely manner.

His needs were for a system that could produce sports jerseys and screen printed uniforms with commercial reliability and speed. We recommended the 770 series screen printing system and also a vinyl plotter for creating custom t shirts and athletic numbers. The combination of the two would provide him with the speed and reliability he needed. In fact, he was able to fulfill orders considerably faster than with the old outsourcing system and was no longer dependent on a third party. The 770 series system was perfect for his needs. 

The client is looking forward to increasing his profit margin by as much as seventy percent and is working on new product lines to take advantage of the increased capacity. His business has gone from doing okay to taking off, thanks to Printa Systems and the 770 series. 

At Printa Systems, we offer screen printing, pad printing and dye sublimation solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our skilled consultants will help you choose the right system for your needs, be it the 770 or another, and we are well equipped to provide the necessary ongoing support and supplies. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, Printa Systems is here to help you with all of your screen printing needs.