Second Time Around is Even Better for Georgia Screen Printer.

Screen Printing | Mar 18, 2012

A Clayton, Georgia man needed a new silk screen machine for sale and called Printa Systems. 

He had left the screen printing business and partners he used to work with to start another company and, having used the 770 Series Screen Printing System in his previous company he knew it was faster and easier to use than most screen printing equipment available.
The new ad specialty and t-shirt business needed to provide high quality, screen printed apparel with specific needs to produce screen-print shirt sleeves, pant legs and tote bags as well as t-shirts and sweatshirts. They also needed a screen printer that is fully supported with warranties and graphics training for their new staff as well as a reliable system with high production speed and extremely accurate color registration. Their new location is small so the 770 systems built-in dark room was a key advantage in saving space while utilizing a truly commercial system.

The 770 screen printing system combined with the Printa Systems Print-all attachments allows him to easily screen print high detail images on oddly shaped items like pockets and shirts sleeves and is a perfect fit for tote bags. The client is excited that he’s getting to work with the 770 again and happy to know he can continue to contact Printa Systems with any technical questions as he expands his new ad specialty and printing business.