Screen Printing: Putting the Pieces Together

News | Aug 23, 2011

"Printa found this promotional product news article by Katy Petiford in the Burlington Free Press to be interesting and wanted to share it. Katy Petifordā€˜s article features a story about a young man who starts a screen printing business to do something useful with his background in graphic design. At Printa, we value any success stories involving small business owners, especially ones that involve screen printing equipment, such as we offer here at Printa Systems.

Scott Thompson has a technical degree in graphic design, but at first wasn't exactly sure what to use it for. Things worked out for him though, as he is now co-owner of a successful screen printing business, Unknown Arts. Unknown Arts provides customers with custom screen printed T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other promotional items. They incorporate art and technology to produce a one-of-a-kind promotional product. Thompson prefers using his Mac to create his masterpieces, but any of the software he uses (such as Adobe Photoshop) is also PC compatible. As he says, it's all a matter of preference. He claims, and most screen printers would agree, that his job involves more than having both artistic talent and computer knowledge, but also requires the ability to tie in all the pieces. Currently, business is booming for this promotional products business, so he needs the right equipment to keep up.

If you are looking to start your own screen printing business, contact Printa today and we'll help you find the right equipment to outfit your business.