Screen Printing Equipment Sparks School Spirit in Vinton, LA.

Screen Printing | May 13, 2011

Two Vinton, Louisiana high school coaches wanted more people to show their school spirit with T-shirts. They thought they could make a little extra money with a T-shirt home business. And they thought they could get more kids involved with sports if the cost of jerseys could be lowered. So when they contacted Printa Systems to see if their idea could be brought to fruition, we were happy to help. We recommended the Printa 770 Deluxe Plus six color Screen Printing System. And now their home business has turned into a profitable venture.

Using their new Printa Screen Printing System, the coaches outfitted their teams in professional looking uniforms at a lower cost than with outside athletic wear providers. They also printed T-shirts for fund-raising activities at the school. It seemed like everyone in Vinton, LA was wearing a Lion Pride T-shirt!

Soon, area businesses in the town were coming to the coaches and asking for custom sportswear for their own promotional events. A lot of businesses wanted to give out free T-shirts during sales. The coaches designed and printed T-shirts for the local Mardi Gras festivities. Area bars and restaurants had T-shirts printed for their wait staff and patrons. Families wanted unique T-shirts and caps made for reunions. When those coaches first contacted us at Printa Systems, they had no idea how much their business would grow! And they were so delighted to have their business pay for itself in such a short time.

The coaches came to us with an idea. We showed them how, with the right Printa Screen Printing System, they could reach their goals. They relied on us at Printa Systems for our technical advice. So, with their imagination and our equipment, a couple of high school coaches were able to begin a home business and watch it thrive quickly. We love success stories like these at Printa Systems. We're feeling that Vinton, Louisiana Lion Pride, too!