Screen Printing Equipment Helps Woman With Clothing Line

Screen Printing | May 24, 2011

At Printa Systems, we assisted a business woman in Fairfield, California starting her own clothing line. Printa Systems specializes in enabling new business to become operational and expanding existing small and home businesses through our commercial grade printing equipment. A clothing line is a business that many aspire to have, and no longer is a large facility and millions of dollars necessary to do so.

The client has an existing product line of athletic wear. She outsources the products to be manufactured elsewhere due to the inability to do so herself. This can become expensive and put the client at the mercy of parameters of the outsourced company. She now wants to bring the manufacturing in-house to reduce costs and offer additional products. This change will help grow her business and launch it off the ground to be more independent.

We recommended our screen printing equipment to the client as it is the best for small and home based printing businesses. The products that were in her line were already being produced through screen printing. She now has the power to produce her products with the same process as the outsourced company she previously used.

The results of the client utilizing our equipment and services were highly successful. She used money from her college fund to pay for the screen printing equipment system and our training. This was a sound investment that brought back returns. After the purchase, she was able to take complete control of her product line. The increased profits from purchasing the screen printing equipment allowed her to open her first retail location a few months later.