School Begins Screen Printing With Help From Printa Systems

Screen Printing | May 22, 2011

A school in Groesbeck, Texas is the latest addition to a group of schools on the cutting edge of technology setting up full graphics departments. This school plans to buy screen printing and dye sublimation equipment as well as vinyl cutting and heat press systems from Printa Systems. The students in the graphics department will work from the ground up, starting with artwork development using CorelDRAW, making their own screens and doing all the printing themselves.

The plan is to do everything from dye sublimation mugs to screen printed t-shirts, hoodies and athletic jerseys complete with silk screened numbers and cut vinyl names on them. The students get to learn the craft of screen printing, dye sublimation and heat press as well as take pride in what they produce and generate school spirit. The athletic department spends thousands of dollars on jerseys each year; now the graphics department will offer them to the school at a discount, pocketing a profit to pay for supplies and defray the cost of the equipment. Several clubs plan to enlist the graphics department to produce mugs, pens, shirts and caps for fundraisers. There is literally no reason for the school to shop elsewhere for these items, which of course not only saves the athletic department and clubs money, but also keeps profits within the school.

Not only does the school benefit from the program, but the individual students do as well. Aside from the skills of screen printing and dye sublimation, the students get real-time business experience. Managing supply and demand, pricing for profit, and budgeting are some of the skills the students master through the new graphics department. Whether the student plans to open his or her own home business or work for an already established company, these skills are more than just hobbies; they are preparation for future careers in business, graphics or merchandising. Printa Systems is pleased to provide the screen printing equipment fueling this new program in the Groesbeck, Texas school system.