San Francisco Clothing Business Watches Profits Skyrocket with Printa Systems Solution

Silk Screening Equipment | Jul 7, 2011

For an entrepreneurial self-owned business in San Francisco, California, the situation was bleak. Customers were complaining about the quality and the wait time on their clothing and active wear, which had to be ordered from an outside company. When quality was too low to accept, the item had to be sent back, and the wait time increased. The business could do nothing to alleviate the problem — they had no control, no promises they could keep to their customers, and virtually no profit margin; the cost of outsourcing their screen printing was eating almost every penny. Although it was a brand-new company and barely out of the gate, it was ready to go under. Fortunately, before they threw in the towel, they called us.

At Printa Systems, we offered them the control they needed to save their company. We recommended a full set of silk screening equipment, including a 770 Series 6-color silk screen machine, 770 Series IC Conveyer Dryer, and Back-Lit Washout Booth. This equipment was perfectly matched to their needs, and let them perform their own quality control and set reasonable wait times for their customers. Needless to say, their patrons are thrilled with the change, and profit margins have since increased over 300 percent. The 770 series is a high-quality, high-efficiency system that perfectly suited the needs of the business. Their most popular designs are now always in stock, and no low-quality printing ever makes it to the customer.

San Francisco has gained an efficient, profitable, high-quality printing establishment, and we are happy to have helped save this rising company. We were proud to offer our 770 printer series and dryer equipment to this business, which we know will continue to profit from our products. Printa systems will always offer a fully customized solution, as we team with entrepreneurial people to bring them success in their self-owned businesses.