San Francisco Business Expands Printing Services with a New 990 Series Platinum System

Screen Printing | Jun 7, 2011

A San Francisco businessman was having a difficult time growing his advertising specialty company that sells promotional products. He could not give his customers with a quick enough turn-around because he lacked the ability to print directly on the tins he sold. He was also hoping to expand his business by printing on a wider variety of products like, coffee mugs, lip balm jars, candle tins, magnets and golf balls. He needed to make these changes quickly to help his business survive.

He spoke to one of our business consultants at Printa Systems, who was able to access his needs and advise him on the type of equipment he needed. We advised him to purchase a 990 Series Platinum System machine which would greatly increase his printing ability. The 990 Series Platinum System has the ability to pad print on tins, magnets and golf balls, as well as, cylindrically screen print on mugs and cups. This would help him print the products directly at his business location which would help his sales increase.

Immediately upon arrival of the 990 Series Platinum System machine, this businessman was able to greatly increase his turn around time, making his customers very happy. By adding more products that could be printed on, he was not only able to increase his sales but he also increased his customer base. While he sees other small businesses closing down, his printed promotional products are helping his sales rapidly increase. His sales are stronger than ever and he is looking forward to continued success.