Printa Systems Helps Father Retire in Comfort with 770 Series Silk Screen System

Screen Printing | Jun 9, 2011

A Peoria man was working as a horticultural technician. He was old enough to retire, but was still working some hours for income. His son, a skilled graphic artist, was concerned about the competitive job environment in his industry. Together, they decided to start a screen printing business on the side, with the goal of allowing the father to retire completely. 

They came to our consultants in their search for a screen printing system that could produce the complicated graphics the son wanted to use. For their business, they were setting aside the garage at the father's house. As a result, they had plenty of space, and we recommended the 770 Series Silk Screen system. Specifically, the 770 Deluxe plus 6 color proved to be the perfect model for their needs. Easy to use, but capable of producing complicated color graphics, it was exactly what they wanted to get their new business off the ground.

Now the father has retired completely from horticultural work and the son is working towards an independence and security that the competitive industry seldom allows. As a bonus, the two men are closer than they have ever been, thanks to Printa Systems and the 770 Series Silk Screen system.

We offer screen printing, pad printing and heat sublimation systems suitable for screen printing businesses of all sizes. We are also glad to provide your business with all of the required supplies. If you are considering starting a screen printing business, or simply in need of an equipment upgrade, call a Printa Systems consultant today.