Printa Systems Helps a Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Small Business Expand

Screen Printing Business | Jul 13, 2011

Building a Bigger Repertoire and Customer Base – Sometimes a business can be run well and produce a quality product, but show very little growth. Printa Systems aims to deliver business owners tools to improve efficiency and promote expansion. One particular example we would like to highlight is that of a small business owner in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic who has a wholesale promotional products business.

Our client in Santo Domingo wanted to expand their business. Their current business had other companies that did the printing, so they wanted to move all of the printing in-house, but they also wanted to expand on the types of products that they could print and sell and reduce turnaround time for the customer. We recommended pad printing equipment, specifically the 990 Series Platinum Series, which allows you to print on curved, textured and flat items. The Santo Domingo business owner already had a large base of flat items, but the ability to print on curved items allowed their business to really grow. They could now print on mugs, sports bottles, travel cups and can coolers.

The 990 Series can be converted from flat screen imaging to cylindrical in less than five minutes and it is the only machine that prints in these varying formats. Our Santo Domingo client couldn't be happier with the results. They added four new product lines, reduced turnaround time for the customer by 70% with in-house printing and still saved money, allowing them to offer prices below their competitors. Printa Systems succeed when our clients succeed and one particular Santo Domingo business owner agrees.