Printa Systems Help Retired Connecticut Prison Guard Create Successful Business

Home Based Business Opportunity | Jul 16, 2011

A corrections officer in Connecticut, our customer, used Printa systems products extensively as part of his job. It was natural that he contact us when he needed to earn some extra income in his retirement.

His plan was to run a small sign and screen printing business, out of his home, that would allow him fiscal independence. Working in the prison system had always been intense and stressful and he was seeking a more relaxed pace of life. Our consultant recommended screen printing equipment designed to fit into the relatively compact space he had available. He also wanted equipment that would not cost a lot to run, especially to be energy efficient and lower cost for electricity. Additionally, he wanted to start small and expand over time. Our consultant put a package together that would allow his business to grow as the equipment paid for itself.

Now, the Connecticut man only has one regret. He regrets that he did not start a screen printing business many years ago. With essentially no marketing, he has snagged two large customers who, between them, give him as many orders as he wants and can handle. Thanks to us, he is able to work only as much as he wants to and enjoy more time with his family and friends.

We at Printa Systems helped this customer find the perfect screen printing equipment for him. Whether in Connecticut or nationwide, our solutions are perfect for small and home businesses who need screen printing, pad printing or similar equipment.