Printa Systems Boosts Scottsdale, Arizona Printing, Embroidery, and Golf Ball Printing Business to Superior Levels of Service

Pad Printing Business | May 19, 2011

Scottsdale, Arizona is home to over 200 golf courses, and a local business would do well to tap into that market. A local screen printing and embroidery shop owner was already offering embroidered golf towels and visors, but he saw the need to supply his customers with more, while promoting his business.

Printa Systems stepped in and recommended the next level of printing technology: Pad Printing Equipment. Since the owner already had screen printing capabilities, he could really benefit from pad printing, which allows you to print on flat, round and textured surfaces. Now in addition to cloth items, our local business owner could print on golf balls, golf tees and ball markers. The result? By producing his own pad printed samples and sending them out to prospective customers, he has gotten many more orders while distributing his business's information.

As a small business supplier, Printa Systems has considered all the factors; their equipment is lightweight, takes up little space, and is sold in systems that allow owners to start small and build up while meeting their customers' needs and promoting their businesses. Our business owner in Scottsdale is a great example of someone who expanded his business by adding Printa's pad printing system to better serve his customers.

In addition to great products, Printa Systems offers the Partner Plus Program for new business owners in this field. This program links owners to training on their equipment, leadership seminars, discounts on products, art designers, and almost anything a print business owner could need.