Printa Systems Announces Lease-to-Own Program For Their Screen Printing and Pad Printing Equipment Lines

News | Oct 1, 2012

Kirkland WA (I-Newswire) September 25, 2012 - This $18 billion a year market encompasses everything from key chains and golf balls to t-shirts and coffee mugs, and one of the leaders in the industry is Printa Systems.

Printa Systems is a leading manufacturer of screen printing and pad printing systems designed to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for promotional product items of all shapes and sizes.

With over 4,000 customers, Printa has been helping entrepreneurs start successful promotional product businesses for almost 2 decades and their new lease-to-own program has been structured to afford entrepreneurs a simple solution to finance a new business. We can approve start-up businesses, and have special programs for less-than-perfect credit. Printa's customer base includes professional print shops, entrepreneurs starting their own business and stay at home parents and semi-retired wishing to supplement their income.

The market has wide appeal because of the built-in demand and ease of entry.

"We are extremely pleased with the lease-to-own finance options we have been able to implement," said Duke Goss, co-owner of Printa Systems. "Customers have traditionally financed the purchase of our printing equipment with business loans or from personal funds, but in the current economic climate, bank loans are not as easily accessible as they once were, and this affords our customers a truly outstanding option to finance their printing equipment."

Printa's most popular leases are structured over 48 months with easy payment plans and are true lease-to-own programs with the last lease payment paying off the equipment.

Two of Printa's most popular printing equipment packages are highlighted below.

The 770 Series Screen Printing System, Printa System’s all-inclusive screen printing press, has a base cabinet which incorporates a screen drying cabinet, a storage cabinet and serves as an overall work platform for its rugged screen printing capabilities. The 770 Series also includes an onboard exposure unit and flash-cure unit, and an exclusive tapered pin registration system. Designed for the start-up entrepreneur or any business wanting to expand its capabilities, this commercially built screen printer press takes up very little space—only 10 square feet to store it and 50 square feet to use. The monthly lease payment on Printa's most popular 770 series screen printer is approximately $254 per month.

This system is primarily used for t-shirt screen printing and the printing of t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc., and is a highly profitable business segment for entry.

"On a simple 2 hour job to print 100 t-shirts, there is a profit margin of over $200 per hour," stated Cynthia "Mo" Goss, one of the owners of Printa Systems. "As you can see, this is an easily affordable way to enter the t-shirt printing business as one single job can easily pay for your monthly primary cost of doing business, the screen printing equipment itself. You can see how our customers can generate profits from their business investment very quickly."

Printa's customers can further expand their markets and profits with the 990 Series Platinum System pad/cylindrical printer manufactured by Printa Systems. The 990 is one of the most versatile pad printers on the market with the ability to decorate a wide range of irregularly shaped items such as coffee cups, sport bottles, pocket knives, golf balls, calculators, pens, key chains, and glassware. The machine can be converted from pad printer to cylindrical screen printer in a matter of minutes, and the changeover is as simple as removing the three pad printing components and replacing them with the three cylindrical attachments. This system leases for approximately $295.75 per month.

"Virtually every promotional product you see is printed using the pad printing technique," said Duke Goss, "and our patented pad printing technology is the easiest to operate pad printing equipment available today. The combination of the 770 screen printing system combined with the 990 pad printing system gives our customers the flexibility they need to handle any promotional products printing job that comes their way."

And, just like the 770 screen printer, a 2 hour coffee mug printing job will cover the monthly lease payment.

High earnings is one of the attractions of the promotional product industry and has wide appeal to entrepreneurs. When you can earn $100-$200 per hour for simple printing jobs it is easy to see why those with a go get 'em attitude are highly attracted to this business. When you add the high earnings potential to the low cost of entry, it becomes a dynamic opportunity, particularly during a time when jobs are as scarce as bank financing.

"Our goal in establishing this lease-to-own program is to be able to offer entrepreneurs the ability to start their own business without a huge initial capital expense," further stated Mo. "When you can start a business inexpensively and affordably using other people's money, then your own capital can be used for marketing, advertising and those other important activities that help people grow their businesses and prosper. We are tremendously excited about the opportunity we have created for entrepreneurial people wanting to own their own business."

All Printa systems include supplies and training and ongoing technical support for life.

In addition to the models described, Printa offers a full range of products including sublimation printers, heat transfer printers, infrared and convection dryers as well as all the screen printing and silk screening supplies needed to fully operate a profitable promotional products business.

"We pride ourselves on our industry leading training as well as the ongoing support for our customers." said Duke. "We have a saying at our company: "When you invest with Printa, you have a partner for life." This is a philosophy that has built our business and proven itself over time."

About Printa Systems:
Printa is a leading manufacturer of screen printing, silk screen printing, pad printing and heat transfer printing equipment/machines for use in the promotional products market. We also sell all associated supplies, dryers, printers etc., for use in this industry. For over 2 decades Printa has been providing the highest quality specialize printing equipment for use in professional print shops, for entrepreneurs in the start up and home based business market and for stay at home parents and semi-retired seeking to supplement their income part time from home.