Printa Services Increases Production Rates and Customer Service for Sporting Goods Store

Home Based Business Opportunity | May 20, 2011

We at Printa Systems are devoted to increasing productivity and decreasing costs for our customers through knowledge, expertise, and the best home screen-printing products available. So we were recently happy to have the opportunity to provide better, cheaper equipment for a small sporting goods business. Our client approached Printa looking to replace her Direct to Garment (DTG) printer, which was proving to be a severe detriment to her pricing and labor costs. And who doesn't want to give lower prices and quicker service to their valued customers?

The DTG only produced 12 t-shirt and uniform prints per hour with exorbitant costs for inks, a significant impediment to service and business profits. We offered the solution of a Printa Systems screen printer, which is more streamlined and production-oriented, and she was very pleased with the results. The Printa screen printer multiplied productivity by over a thousand percent, producing over 120 shirts and uniforms per hour, and reduced the cost of inks from an average of $2.75 per piece to less than ten cents! With Printa Systems' screen printing, now it's easy for our client to offer competitive pricing and quick product delivery, increasing her profits as well as expanding her capacity to serve her customers. And as we here at Printa know, happy customers and low prices make for a thriving business.

Ambition and determination are valuable assets, and Printa Systems commends our client for her entrepreneurship and desire to improve her service. We were glad to partner with her and help give her business the quality services it was meant to offer.