Printa Expands Possibilities for Home Business Owner in Eastland, Texas

Screen Printing | May 21, 2011

Diversify, diversify, diversify. You'll hear this over and over from portfolio advisers, but you'll also hear it from small business owners who are trying to offer their customers more and better options. As our client in Eastland, Texas knows, it's always better to reduce your own costs, because it allows you to extend your savings to your customer. If you want to garner and retain business, the best way is make your customers love you by offering them the highest quality and the best prices.

Printa Systems entered the picture as our client was struggling to maintain a profit margin in their embroidery and screen printing business. The cost of outsourcing all their screen printing was putting a severe strain on their profits, and they contacted Printa looking for a solution. We offered them our most basic package, a 770 6-color screen printer which fits well into even a limited budget. Although we call it ‘basic, ‘ it is still a very powerful and capable system, and allowed our client to process orders much faster than when they were still sending out for the work to be done.

When we followed up with our client, we found that their existing customers had renewed their interest in the business, and word quickly spread that screen printing was happening at a faster rate and at a reduced cost to them. Needless to say, this combination of reduced costs and increased business have caused profits to soar, and our client is exceptionally happy with the results of teaming up with Printa Systems. We are glad to have partnered with such an entrepreneurial vision and to have been able to help another small business owner reach the success they deserve.