Patented Screen Printing and Pad Printing Technologies Make Printing Easy!

Home Based Business Opportunity | Sep 4, 2012

Printa Systems utility patents make our screen printing equipment and pad printers not only exclusive but easier to use than any other systems available.

We hold several patents for unique engineering applications. What does this mean to you? As the operator of these printing systems, you enjoy shorter set up times, increased accuracy and a quicker path to profits for your t-shirt printing jobs and promotional product printing.

Although we have been awarded several patents over the years, there are three that stand out. The first is our patent on the 770 Series exposure system that doubles as a light table. The exposure unit features a unique dual light system. A soft, fluorescent light lets you set up artwork using the built-in pin registration. When the screen is brought down, the unit automatically switches to high UV output black light for a quick, even exposure. This feature, combined with the screen print press’s dual pin registration system can save you up to 70 percent of the set up time that it takes for a traditional screen print press. That means faster production time and more profits for you!

A second patent was granted on our unique athletic numbering system, which uses a master or key frame and fits on any manual printing press. A numbered screen is dropped into the key frame and the number is printed. Pins on the bar of the key frame allow you to put each number in perfect register every time. Screen printing numbers is a great way to increase your t-shirt printing business and provide a valuable service to local sport teams.

The third patent is for our 990 Series Pad Printer, which has a unibody frame with an integrated reciprocating table. Due to its unique construction that allows the transfer pad to be moved horizontally and vertically, there is never any maintenance or adjustment needed to produce perfectly registered prints every time. It also automatically re-inks the plate with each stroke, which speeds production by not having to constantly stop to re-ink the plate for each piece. Most operators can pad print an average of 300 parts per hour making this a valuable and profitable technology to add to any custom decorating business.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our printing systems as well as factory training, training videos, technical manual, unlimited toll-free technical support, and blank product sourcing and multiple warehouse locations for one- to three-day shipping of supplies and commodities anywhere in the United States. Contact us today for more information!