Now’s The Time to Start Your Own Screen Printing Business!

Home Based Business Opportunity | Jun 12, 2013

Like most people, at one time or another you probably thought about starting your own business. It’s the ultimate goal to be in control of your own destiny but the unknowns are what can often keep you from getting started.

What type of business and who are my customers, can I afford it, where will I set up, what do I need to get started with so I’m successful? Let’s answer those questions and get on the path to self-employment!

What type of business?

Over the years, one of the steadiest, recession proof and successful business types is promotional products and custom screen printing t-shirts. Just think about if for a minute and look around you. Screen printed t-shirts are everywhere and used for sports teams and tournaments, club functions, fund raisers, family reunions, fun runs, all sorts of celebrations and events. You probably have a stack of custom printed t-shirts in your closet. The promotional product industry is an almost 18 billion dollars industry not including the small to medium short run sales that you could be making by producing and selling to your own community.

Who is my market? Can I be successful? Where will I get my orders?

It may seem daunting at first but, jut think about it though, everywhere you look there are promotional products and apparel carrying a message. 

Let’s list just a few of the markets that use these products:

  • Sports teams
  • Schools
  • Social Clubs
  • Churches
  • Event Planners
  • Family Events (weddings, reunions, birthdays, etc.)
  • Small Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Title Companies
  • Banks
  • Doctors and Dentist Offices
  • Car Dealerships
  • Boat Dealers
  • Automotive and Racing Clubs
  • Fund Raising Events (Fun runs and walks, Festivals, etc.)
  • Political Groups

Once consider the people you know and the needs in your local community, you’ll probably find that, like most of our customers, you have orders to fill before you even invest in your pad printing and screen printing equipment!

Can I Afford It?

Getting started in the promotional product and screen printing business is one of the most affordable businesses available. How many businesses can you start for less that $20,000.00? Not many! Franchises can be in the six digits and then you have to lease retail space as well as pay lifetime royalties. You can get set up with a basic yet professional silkscreen machine and everything you need to do your artwork for approximately $7,000.00. If you want higher productivity and more options, you can get started for around $15,000.00 ( For the promotional products, pad printing systems range from $3,995.00 to $8,500.00 (

Considering your profit potential, and providing you get the word out, you should be able to get a return on your investment in just a few months. 

Where Will I Set Up My Business?

You can start your promotional product and silk screen business on small scale without a lot of risk as a home-based business. There are lots of benefits to owning a home-based business including low overhead, flexible work hours and several tax advantages. Not to mention the added perks of no having to deal with traffic commutes and dress codes…you can work in your slippers if you like! When you are your own boss, you get to control the direction of your company and you are directly rewarded by all of your hard work.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

At Printa Systems, we manufacture printing equipment to deliver this product that is ideally suited for home use. Our systems are compact and user friendly. You have the ability to produce high-quality, professional printing products with a minimal amount of space and cost.

We include hands-on training in how to use our equipment and offer the programs you need on how to start a successful printing company from home.

Earn Extra Income with Our Home Based Printing Business Opportunity

If you look around you, you can't help but see tons of promotional products with company logos and other graphics. When you start your own promotional products printing business at home, you will be able to supply those products and have the opportunity to earn extra income.

At Printa Systems, home-based entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get into a fast growing profitable industry with low start-up costs. You will be able to quickly turn a profit from your business. You've thought about's the time! Contact us today to get started in the promotional product and screen printing business.