Networking is a Key Component to a Successful Promotional Product and Screen Printing Business.

Pad Printing Business | Jun 28, 2013

What's the secret to a successful promotional product and screen printing business?

The key to developing your business and your reputation is networking. It starts through telling the people you know such as family, friends and relatives about what you have to offer them. Branch out into your local business community too through joining your local Chamber of Commerce. More than likely you already have connections through a few schools, churches, sports activities or organizations. The amazing thing about the promotional printing business is that it’s a service that caters to just about everyone and every need. Growing your customer base for repeat business happens by offering the purchaser what they want, when they want it at a fair and competitive price. Remember to expand at a realistic pace so you can meet the demand as it increases.The contact, items and event ideas that follow will spark your imagination to reach out and get the business. Remember, you have what it takes, and what they want!

Get the word out!

Now that you are in the promotional products and custom garment decorating business, you need to let people know who you are, where you are and what you do.   In addition to word of mouth, you may want to create a campaign strategy designed to gain public awareness and recognition that you offer custom t-shirts and ad specialty items. If you are on a budget, you may first want to take advantage of any “free” exposure solutions available to you. You can also design your own promotional layout, or select from the sample pieces provided for your use in the Partner Plus Marketing Toolkit. We recommend you consider an online listing with Google, develop a business Facebook page and company website, and the good old fashioned newsletter or city magazine advertisement, radio commercial, grand opening press release, direct mailings, hand out flyers and bulletin board notices are effective too.

"Jumping at several opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along."
--Hugh Allen

Bottom line: To achieve your goals, you need to get the word out and network to create sales.