Lincoln, NE Couple Achieves Success With Printa Systems 770 Deluxe Plus Series

Screen Printing | Jun 8, 2011

Recently, a young husband and wife team from Lincoln, Nebraska decided to expand their sign company. The husband already worked at the company full time, but they were only generating enough profits for his wife to join him there on a part-time basis. Ideally, they wanted to expand their sign making business to include t-shirt printing, which they knew would be a big hit in the rural area in which they live.

They needed to find reliable screen printing equipment that would allow them to add this t-shirt making venture to their current business, so the couple searched all over for a trustworthy company to meet their needs. Their search led them to Printa Systems, because we could offer them not only the top screen printing equipment on the market, but also give them the support they'd need to start this exciting new business venture.

After gauging the couple's needs, we recommended that they try the 770 Deluxe Plus 6-color screen printing system, which would allow them to meet the large and small screen printing requests of their customers. We knew that the 770 Deluxe Plus, with features like a built-in drying cabinet, would allow the novice screen printers to make t-shirts quickly and effortlessly. In addition, we realized that it would also allow the husband and wife business team to create products other than t-shirts, such as baseball caps or jackets, if they wanted that option in the future.

After we trained the couple on how to use their new 770 Deluxe Plus screen printing equipment, they quickly introduced their new t-shirt making services to their community using their already established sign business. Within a short time, they garnered great success in their small town of Lincoln, and they already have several new clients. The wife loves that she is now able to work with her husband at their family business full-time. By choosing to partner with Printa Systems, this young Lincoln couple was able to achieve all of their goals.