International Competitor Printa Systems Helps Ghanaian Entrepreneur Jump-start Screen Printing Business

Home Based Business Opportunity | Jul 15, 2011

Facing a myriad number of obstacles to starting a business in a third world environment, Abu-Sam remained optimistic and persistent in his desire to open a successful custom tee-shirt screen printing store. At first, he had troubles getting enough clients but word of mouth soon spread about his quality products and professional manner. ""I could not believe how fast we were growing!, says Abu-Sam, ""I would stay up all night filling orders as fast as possible.""

To start his business Abu-Sam purchased some old mechanical screen printing equipment that was prone to breaking down, using a loan from his brother-in-law. The out-dated screen printing equipment was slowing him down, and costing him money since he had turn away some larger orders from potential clients. Confident in taking the next step, Abu-Sam knew that he would need to invest more into his operation and equipment in order to take his tee-shirt production to the next level.

After doing some research, he contacted our Printa Systems Sales Team to learn more about our Screen Printing Equipment product lines. Abu-Sam's customer service rep knew exactly what type of printer to recommend, the 770, an easy to learn and durable printing system that produces quality results. Perfectly suited for a rougher business environment like Africa, the 770 model had all the features that Abu-Sam had requested. Most importantly, a high-quality screen print that would please his customers.

Now with his new equipment, Abu-Sam is kicking his screen printing services into high gear. Now he is able to take advantage of more opportunities and larger client orders with his new screen printing equipment, both key elements to growing revenues. Best of all, he has confidence in our commitment here at Printa Systems to our customers, regardless of size. Abu-Sam knows that he can depend on the unlimited technical customer support of Printa Systems, a company commited to seeing their customers thrive after the purchase and into the future.