How Does Printa's Pricing on the 770 Series Compare with Other Systems?

Home Based Business Opportunity | Feb 24, 2012

As far as pricing is concerned, you can't really compare the 770 Series with anything else on the market, without taking a few things into consideration:

The 770 Series is the only screen printing system on the market that does NOT need a dark room, so you would have to factor that costs savings for the square footage in to price (if your rent is $2.00 per square foot, and you have to allocate a 10' x 12' room as a dark room for exposing your screens, then you would have to add 240 x $2.00 x 12 months each year...that's $8,640.00 more over the course of just 3 years!

Then there's also the setup times to consider. The time to setup a typical 4-color job on a typically press can be between an hour to an hour and a half each time; but with our system, it's a 15 minutes process, every time. If you did just 3 jobs a week, that would be over 156 hours in lost time in the first year alone. If you were paying an employee $9.00 an hour to help you, that would have cost you $1,404.00 more in the first year, or $4,212.00 over 3 years...this means that owning a typical press, when compared to a Printa Systems 770 Series, can cost you as much as $12,852.00 more in just the first 3 years! And that's assuming that everything runs smoothly!

When you add in the cost of supplies, exposure unit and flash dryer (all included with every system) and then add free training, toll-free technical support, and lifetime warranty, it really doesn't compare to anything, at any price. Other companies just can't offer we we can offer. This is much more than just a well-engineered piece of equipment. It's a total screen printing solution!