Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Sporting Events

Screen Printing | Feb 17, 2011

Leading the Field:

With over 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing t-shirt printing systems; Printa Systems Inc. promises to take your home business ideas from a vision to a profitable success. Printa Systems outpaces the competition in manufacturing t-shirt printing equipment by adapting cutting edge printing technologies to compact and versatile home business systems, with the sole purpose of advancing your small to medium run t-shirt printing business. If you're home business specialty is printing t-shirts for sporting event as an example, Printa Systems, Inc. has tailored their equipment and accessories to be not only highly efficient but also proven profit generator.

Getting Your Business Started:

However you envision your home business ideas taking direction, Printa Systems has the tools and accessorized equipment you need to get your business started right the first time. Every day, local businesses, schools, recreational sporting leagues and other sport based business and organizations seek professional printing services to fill their needs, such as jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies and a multitude of other wearables at reasonable prices. Printa Systems is determined to provide that competitive advantage to your home t-shirt business. Printa's home business printing platform and overall support structure allows any new business to be viably tapped into a reliable industry with unsurpassed technologies as well as an all-encompassing customer support network.


In order to ensure that your home business ideas are transformed into generating sustainable profit, Printa Systems ensures that you are able to produce high-quality products at a low cost to the business, while still pricing your services competitively. Take, for example, someone who has just recently purchased a Printa Systems, Inc.770 Series Screen Printing System and they just received an order for 500 t-shirts from the local high school sporting event. For an order like this you would charge your client around $8.00 per shirt printed, totaling $4000.00 in gross revenue; your profit in printing these 500 high school t-shirts would be $3000.00 and it would take you five hours to complete. Not too bad for a half days work.

Partner Plus Program:

The Partner Plus Program is designed as a supplement to the state-of-the-art technology that Printa Systems, Inc. provides. It is especially designed for the first-time home business owner or those with little to no experience in the t-shirt printing business. Your exclusive membership entitles you to resources like up-to-the-minute market research, training manuals and CDs, marketing toolkits, discount and wholesale prices, connection with industry suppliers, ordering and office assistance, as well as graphic design support, among other services.