Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For School Apparel

Screen Printing | Feb 28, 2011

Printa Systems, Inc.: Unrivaled Leader in the Industry.

Printa Systems is the industry leader in t-shirt printing equipment for home-based business production. Our 770 Series Screen-printing System is custom tailored to fit your needs and desires, regardless of which niche market appeals to you. Our patent pending Dual Function Exposure Unit, which functions as an onboard pin alignment system and light table, allows you to register artwork and avoid expensive registration and set-up time. As part of Printa's all-inclusive printing system you can create up to six colors to make your t-shirt printing business as unique as you would like.

Making Lucrative Profit from Home.

Have you ever had the desire to run your own successful business from home? Do you want to be your own boss and create both your own work schedule and your own opportunities? Do you have creative ideas relating to a popular niche market like school apparel that you want to produce and sell for good profit? Printa System's 770-Series Screen-printing System equipment allows motivated, creative individuals to accomplish exactly this through a t-shirt printing business. Once you've identified the best niche market, to target your profit margin will begin to expand exponentially.

Niche Markets and Profitability.

One of the more popular niches, as previously mentioned, is school apparel. Say you have recently received an order from the local middle school to provide 1,000 t-shirts. For an order of this magnitude you would charge roughly $5.00 per shirt and would gross about $5,000. An order of this size would take, on average, about ten hours to complete and would yield a profit of almost $3,000. If that sounds reasonable for ten hours of work, then a t-shirt printing business through Printa Systems, Inc. could be right for you.

The Many Benefits of the Partner Plus Program.

Our Partner Plus program is designed to augment Printa System's high quality equipment with professional and courteous guidance, support, and training. Never started a business before? Feel a bit overwhelmed? Our Partner Plus Program is just for you. We provide up-to-date market research, training manuals and CDs, and business management tools to help get your t-shirt printing business up and running. Having trouble marketing yourself or identifying a niche market that fits you? Our complete marketing toolkit comes with tools that will help you identify target markets as well as templates for brochures and customizable business cards. You can also receive discounts and wholesale prices through our Partner Plus program as well as access to special promotional products and exclusive industry memberships.