Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Promotional Products

Screen Printing | Mar 10, 2011

About Printa Systems, Inc.:

Printa Systems, Inc. is the world leader in t-shirt manufacturing equipment to small and large business owners alike. In addition to providing 770-Series t-shirt printing equipment, Printa Systems, Inc. also supports each and every one of their clients with product, as well as business support. Printa Systems, Inc. believes in a firm partnership between client's and businesses, and through this relationship has been able to compete in a competitive market for the last two decades.

Getting Started:

Getting started with a t-shirt printing business is far easier than it may sound. For example, there are many small businesses you see on your street corner every day that are desperately in need of promotional advertisement. Additionally, local schools or youth group sports teams are always in need of newly designed t-shirts to sport. These are a couple of the first places to look when starting your t-shirt printing business. Once have found a few viable clients to start with to generate some new business it would be extremely advantageous to contact Printa Systems, Inc. to get started. Printa Systems, Inc. has aligned themselves in the t-shirt printing machine business as not only the leading manufacture but an extremely reliable source to aid in training you on the equipment you will be using on daily basis.

Staggering Profits:

The profits to be found in a t-shirt printing business are absolutely breathtaking. Take, for example, one case where a customer had recently purchased a 770-Series Screen Printing System and received an order of 500 t-shirts from the local high school. The school was willing to pay $8.00 for each of the shirts, culminating $4000.00 in gross revenue. After the overhead printing cost was subtracted, it netted this individual a little over $3000.00. This was accomplished in less than a half day's work. Pretty extraordinary for a home based t-shirt printing business.

Partner Plus Program:

If you're interested in starting a home-based t-shirt printing business, the Partner Plus Program is absolutely an essential variable to consider. Through the purchase of the Partner Plus Program, you are provided with professional training, leadership, guidance, and support in order to complement Printa Systems, Inc.'s high-quality printing machines. You are instantly given exclusive memberships and resources to help make your business profitable in no time! Perhaps the most inviting feature of the Partner Plus Program is how effective and user friendly it is to people who are starting out with their first business venture.