Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Non Profit

Screen Printing | Feb 28, 2011

Printa Systems Equipment Provides Exceptional Quality

Printa Systems has developed the best home-based t-shirt printing opportunity with their exclusive, patented 770 Series system of screen printing equipment. Twenty years in the industry has given Printa Systems, Inc. the design experience to develop equipment optimized for small business operators, backed by a superb lifetime warranty and training that is second to none. Every facet of Printa Systems Inc. screen printing equipment focuses on productivity enhancement, and top quality results that give their t-shirt printing customers an unparalleled choice.

Building a Successful T-Shirt Printing Business Through the Printa System Has Never Been Easier

Printa Systems provides all the tools to get a new t-shirt printing business off the ground quickly and easily. Their 770 Series screen printing system is packed with features that save time, while providing outstanding product results. Every aspect of the business ramp up can be done with minimal headaches, and Printa Systems equipment is compact and versatile and needs only 50 square feet of work space. From equipment to vendor supplies, Printa offers everything a new owner needs to be operational and optimized for profit.

A Printa T-Shirt Printing Business Offers Exceptional Profit Potential

Home-based businesses often take a lot of time before seeing a return on investment or profitability. This isn't the case with a Printa t-shirt printing opportunity, which specifically targets a vastly underserved market segment filled with potential niche markets; local non-profits are one such niche. Most non-profits have budgets that include fund-raising revenue that contributors like to see remain in the local economy. Utilizing small-businesses for promotional t-shirts is one way a non-profit can do just that. If an order is placed for 200 fund-raising initiative t-shirts for a local food bank, at $8 each this order amounts to $1600. Costs run $2 per shirt, leaving $1200, or 75%, as net profit. Production time for 200 shirts is roughly 2 hours. Multiple the potential net profit of $600/hour by 30 or more hours per week and the upside potential of a t-shirt printing business is quickly evident!

Printa's Partner Plus Program Jump Starts a New Business

Going into a new business is scary. With the Partner Plus Program from Printa Systems it can be exciting and challenging instead. Every conceivable start-up tool is included. New partners are never on their own, there's training, advice, 24-support, online productivity tools, an industry based website, and a lifetime commitment from Printa Systems Inc.