Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Local Bands

Screen Printing | Feb 26, 2011

Printa Systems Equipment Provides Unparalleled Durability and Productivity Enhancement

With close to twenty years of experience, Printa Systems Inc. is the expert in designing superbly crafted, durable equipment with lifetime warranties. Their 770 Series screen printing system is specifically designed for the home-based t-shirt printing business, packed with productivity enhancements, and only takes up 50 square feet of space. Printa Systems equipment is both easy to use and extremely efficient, and provides multi-color, high-quality screen printing results.

Printa Systems Partners are Primed to Capture the Niche Market

Short-run screen printing offers the perfect means to target niche markets such as customized t-shirt printing for local bands. Band members and thrilled fans can wear a uniquely designed shirt with an easily identifiable band logo. Printa Systems t-shirt printing business owners are able to offer a custom product, to an endless number of potential clients, in this virtually untapped market; clients who are hungry for creative ways to put their brand or business into the public eye.

Home-Based T-Shirt Printing Business Offer Outstanding Income Potential

The home-based business that Printa Systems partners enjoy is one that combines low overhead with strong earnings. Consider a single order from a popular local band that wants 200 t-shirts for giveaways and concert merchandising. At $8 per shirt, this one order will gross $1600. Production and material costs are $2 per shirt, leaving a net profit of 75%, or $1200. The 770 Series system from Printa has productivity time down to a science; 200 t-shirts are ready to go in about two hours. The net result is an outstanding $600 per hour profit potential.

Printa's Partner Plus Program Gives New Owners Wings

Own a successful t-shirt printing business that takes off quickly and soars by signing up for Printa Systems Inc.'s Partner Plus Program. With this unique program, Printa shares their wealth of experience, industry tools, and knowledge with each new partner. Every aspect of their home-based niche screen printing opportunity is covered, from daily operations to targeted marketing tools. Partners receive comprehensive training, advice, access to industry contacts and discounts, plus ongoing support and guidance. With the Partner Plus Program, new owners are quickly off the ground and running a profitable home-based business, backed by expert help every step of the way.