Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For High School Athletic

Screen Printing | Feb 25, 2011

Printa Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of custom printing equipment. They have over two decades of proven track record in the industry. If you're looking for T-shirt printing equipment for your home-based T-shirt printing business, Printa Systems recommends the 770 Series Screen Printing System. The 770 Series system is easy to set-up and you can start right away with only 50 square foot of space requirement. It is compact and does all the jobs for you, from printing to drying. Printa Systems Inc. offers a lifetime warranty and support for their equipment. Once you buy any of Printa Systems printing equipment, you get free training, marketing assistance, and contacts to thousands of suppliers for your T-shirt printing business.

T-Shirts for High School Athletic Apparel:

You can earn big income by printing T-shirts for high school athletic apparel. You may offer your printing services to different high schools near your business. You can get a contract to print thousands of P.E. T-shirts for the whole school or dozens of team shirts and jerseys for interschool leagues. Competition might be tough in this area of the market, but with Printa Systems, you can bring your price a bit lower than your competitors without opting for a cheaper blank T-shirt and sacrificing print quality, while still earning big profits.

Big Income with Printa Systems 770 Series:

The Printa Systems 770 Series is the best solution for your T-shirt printing business. It can print a hundred T-shirts an hour with up to four color variations and dries fresh prints immediately with an onboard curing unit.

The Printa Systems 770 Series speed and efficiency allows you to earn big profits in just a short amount of time. For example, if you landed a contract to print 1,000 T-shirts for a school in your local area and priced them at $5.00 per shirt printed, you would earn a gross income of $5,000. If you deduct your total cost of printing of $2,000 which includes the t-shirts, printing cost, and overhead, you get a $3,000 dollar profit.

Printa Systems Unlimited Warranty:

Aside from the lifetime warranty that Printa Systems Inc. provides with their 770-Series Screen Printing System, they also offer a continued success package called the Partner Plus Program. This program gives you free hands-on professional training at Printa Center, 24-hour unlimited technical support, marketing guidance, and access to thousands of suppliers in the industry. With Printa Systems Inc. printing equipment, your success in your home-based T-shirt printing business is not far away.