Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Fund Raisers

Screen Printing | Feb 26, 2011

Printa Systems Inc. Leads the Way In Screen Printing Equipment Innovation

Not all screen printing equipment is created equal. With twenty years' experience, Printa Systems Inc. has developed an unrivaled design for short-run screen printing. The innovative and compact 770 Series system is the equipment of choice for maximized ease of use, and productivity enhancement. The 770 Series offers patented technology, exclusive features and a lifetime warranty. New owners receive comprehensive training in every aspect of Printa equipment operation.

Finding Customers is Easy With a Custom T-Shirt Printing Business

One of the usual worries with a new business start-up is whether there is a customer base looking for the service offered. Today's world of outsourcing is driving individuals and organizations to actively support local small businesses. The promotional apparel industry has an entire underserved market segment that is wide open for development. Potential niche markets abound, such as printing customized t-shirt for all types of fund-raisers. It has never been easier for a new t-shirt printing business to connect with potential fund-raising customers, and an almost endless variety of other niche markets.

Printa Systems Productivity = Custom T-Shirt Printing Business = High Profit Potential

Using the Series 770 screen printing system, backed by Printa Systems outstanding training and support, a new owner is capable of high margins on their first sale. If the local hospital places an order for 600 t-shirts, as donation incentives for their fund-raising drive, at $8 per shirt this represents gross earnings of $4800. With costs running about $2 per finished shirt, a t-shirt printing business owner will see net profits of $3600 on just this one sale. The 770 Series is optimized with time-saving production features and the order should only take six hours to complete. The average profit percentage per order is an astounding 75%!

Partner Plus Program Shows Printa's Leadership in Support and Training

Developing productive and organized business systems are key problems that often drag a new enterprise down. This is where Printa Systems Partner Plus Program comes into play. Partner Plus is an outstanding program that takes ongoing support and training to the next level. The growth and development tools provided are comprehensive, from marketing to online daily management software. Every aspect of business ownership is addressed. Partners receive Printa's industry advantages, expert guidance and 24 hour support, from day one throughout the life of their business.