Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Churches

Screen Printing | Feb 17, 2011

Printa Systems Provides Exceptional, Quality Screen Printing Equipment:

Printa Systems Inc. has been an innovative industry leader in the design of top-quality, productivity enhanced screen printing equipment for close to twenty years. The company continuously strives to remain on the cutting edge of technology to benefit their t-shirt printing business partners. Printa's 770 Series system has the proven capabilities to let new home-based business owners enter the high-margin t-shirt screen printing arena with the best opportunity for success. Printa Systems equipment is backed by outstanding training and support, and a lifetime warranty.

Partnership with Printa Systems Inc. Puts a New T-Shirt Printing Business on the Track to Success:

The custom screen printing home-based business opportunity taps into a short-run market that remains virtually untouched. There are endless available sales niches including custom t-shirt printing for churches; sizeable youth groups, choirs, or outreach ministries could each benefit from customized t-shirts. With the productivity capabilities of the 770 Series, and the production time savings it provides, a t-shirt printing business is primed for success at every level. Low overhead is guaranteed by the equipment's small footprint requirement of only 50 square feet, and competitive material costs are passed on by Printa's industry purchasing power.

A Printa Systems T-Shirt Printing Business Offers Impressive Income Potential:

The sheer number of available niche markets provide impressive sales and marketing possibilities, with corresponding income potential. Because the 770 Series equipment from Printa Systems is optimized for small batches of custom t-shirt print runs, switching print patterns is easy. You may receive two or three different t-shirt print requests from one large church, totaling 400 t-shirts sold at $8 each, or $3200 for the whole order. With a production cost of $2 for each shirt, the income potential from this one church order is $2400.

Printa Systems Inc.'s Partner Plus Program Guarantees The Best Business Start Up Opportunity:

The stress and uncertainty of a new business start-up is easily eliminated with Printa's Partner Plus Program. This turnkey package gives new owners a jump-start into the custom t-shirt printing business. Outstanding training, ongoing support, access to numerous business tools, and existing purchasing and marketing systems, all contribute to the unparalleled success of Printa Systems t-shirt screen printing business owners.