Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Business Apparel

Screen Printing | Feb 17, 2011

Printa Systems Leads the Way In T-Shirt Printing Equipment Expertise and Experience:

Anyone considering the t-shirt screen printing business needs to partner with the industry leader, Printa Systems Inc. With high-quality equipment and its life-time warranty, a proven twenty-year track record, expert training and system tools, well-earned industry knowledge and experience, Printa Systems, Inc., offers the backing that virtually guarantees the success of your new t-shirt printing business enterprise.

Step into the T-Shirt Printing Business Fearlessly with Printa Systems Inc.:

Taking the plunge into a new business is exhilarating, yet terrifying, but with Printa Systems Inc. you are never on your own. The market for short-run, custom screen printing is wide open. Niche markets, such as custom printed t-shirt business apparel for local companies, offer a great sales and marketing opportunity. Factor in the best screen-printing equipment available in the industry, and immediate relationships with suppliers of quality ink and materials, and the potential is virtually limitless. Printa Systems provides these core resources that tip the scales in favor of your individual t-shirt printing business success.

Learn How Easy it is to Earn a Swift and Solid Return on Investment:

Printa Systems Inc. outstanding t-shirt printing business opportunity offers an excellent income potential. When an order is taken for 300 custom t-shirts for a local company's business apparel promotion, at $8 per shirt this is a $2400 order. With a $2 total cost per t-shirt for materials and production, there is a potential profit of $1800 to be realized from this one sale alone. Using 770 Series productivity optimized equipment, 300 t-shirts requires four hours in production time, which amounts to $450.00 per hour of labor. Typical sales show 75% net profit, a very good rate of return on investment.

Printa's Partner Plus Program Offers Above and Beyond Support:

Printa Systems Inc. does not just sell the highest quality screen printing equipment available. The company makes a commitment to the success of the individuals who invest in their own t-shirt screen printing business. With their Partners Plus Program, Printa Systems provides a complete turnkey system that lets a new home-based business owner benefit from the company's years of experience, industry knowledge and contacts, and marketing finesse. Also included is 24-hour assistance, complete training in every aspect of the business, and lifetime support.