Home Business Ideas: T-Shirt Printing For Birthday Parties

Screen Printing | Feb 17, 2011

Printa System Provides Exceptional Tools for T-Shirt Printing Success:

Printa Systems, Inc. has been the industry leader in the t-shirt printing business for close to twenty years. They have the equipment, the reputation, and they offer the tools and the track record to get new screen printing t-shirt partners quickly set on the road to success. Their unrivaled combination of experience, exceptional screen printing equipment, comprehensive training, and a service commitment is what makes the difference in the success of a new venture. Printa Systems Inc. 770 series screen printing equipment offers both quality and durability, and it is backed by a life time warranty.

Choosing Printa Systems Guarantees Ease of Entry into the T-Shirt Printing Business:

Printa Systems, Inc. shares its knowledge and experience in the t-shirt printing business; they are fully committed to the providing outstanding support and top-quality supplies so that your business gets off to the best possible start. Setting up a t-shirt printing business supplying customized t-shirts for birthday parties has never been easier. All that is needed is Printa Systems 770 series equipment, 50 square feet of dedicated space, ink and quality white t-shirts.

T-Shirt Screen Printing Offers Exceptional, Profitable Niche Market:

With the low overhead, competitively priced, quality equipment and supplies, proven marketing methods, and exceptional training, this home-based t-shirt printing business has the potential for excellent profits. For instance, an order of 600 custom printed t-shirts for the mayor's birthday bash comes in; at $8.00 per shirt this is a $4800 sale. The cost of the shirts, the necessary ink and processing puts the total cost at $2 per t-shirt. This means a profit of $6 a shirt, or $3600, for a single order; with production time for 600 shirts at roughly 6 hours this is not a shabby day's work.

Printa Systems Partner Plus Program Primes Entrepreneurs for Success:

Printa Systems Inc. offers another unique feature, their Partner Plus Program. This unparalleled program covers training in every aspect of the t-shirt screen printing business including daily operations, the industry, Printa Systems equipment, and marketing. It comes with expert guidance, ongoing support, memberships and resources; it also includes online business tools and an industry specific website.