Home Based Business Ideas: Start Your Own T-Shirt Company

Screen Printing | Feb 27, 2011

Printa Systems Offers Quality Equipment and Service

Starting a new t-shirt printing business requires research on the best equipment to buy. This research will lead straight to Printa Systems Inc. and their innovative, productivity-optimized offerings. Printa Systems, Inc. has close to twenty years of design experience and has developed the best screen printing system for home-based t-shirt printing businesses. They back their patented equipment and its unique features with a lifetime warranty.

Printa Systems Lets a New Business Be Up and Running Swiftly

It is easy for a new t-shirt printing business to get bogged down with details; how to set up equipment, how to use their new equipment, how to get up to speed on production. With Printa Systems, this will not be the case. Their 770 Series system is specifically designed for short-run productions and use by home-based t-shirt printing businesses. New owners get comprehensive training in how to use this outstanding equipment, and how to best utilize the many productivity enhancing features. Any owner can start their own custom t-shirt company quickly and easily with the 770 Series from Printa Systems.

How Profitable Can a T-Shirt Printing Company Be?

Customized t-shirts sell well. There is an endless number of possible niche markets that are ready and waiting to be offered the right product. With Printa Systems, identifying those markets in their area puts a new owner in touch with an almost endless supply of potential customers. Custom t-shirts can be ordered from any number of local businesses, for any conceivable use, from fund-raisers to birthday parties. The sky is the limit on the possibilities. It's a wide open market that a savvy t-shirt printing business owner can easily tap into. Customs t-shirts can sell for $8.00 each; costs run about $2.00 per printed shirt. It's easy to do the math and see a net profit potential of 75% in every sale. Not bad at all for a simple t-shirt printing business.

Don't Step Out Alone – Take Advantage of Printa's Partner Plus Program

Anyone who's never owned a business before gets nervous when start-ups are discussed. The beauty in partnering with the successful industry leader Printa Systems is that the butterflies in a new owner's stomach are from excitement, not fear. Their Partner Plus Program lets any new owner take wings and soar through comprehensive training, support, advice and guidance. They receive all the industry insider tools, memberships and discounts, plus help with every aspect of business set-up, operations, marketing, and beyond.