History and Technique Behind Silk Screening

Screen Printing | Oct 3, 2012

Silk screening is an art which has its roots back in the Song Dynasty, which was between 960 and 1279. China was the first country to create the concept of screen printing, and then Japan and many other Asian locations started to use this art. It would take until the 1700s for silk screen printing to reach Western Europe. Many consider 1907 the first time that screen printing occurred, and they would be right in terms of modern printing on a patented machine.

Samuel Simon created the first silk screen machine that was patented in the UK. Western Europeans took this process very seriously, creating factories and workshops that were exclusive and reclusive. They were extremely worried about keeping the techniques unique and secret. From then on it became a competition to see which chemicals, techniques and stencils would work best. There were three main individuals that conducted research in the early 1900s: Roy Beck, Charles Peter, and Edward Owens. The concept of actinic light was one of their studies. Today, silk screen equipment is even more advanced than the early 1900s.

Most modern silk screen machines utilize a polyester screen. The material is cheaper than silk and it is also durable. Polyester is simpler to clean. There are also options such as stainless steel and nylon for the silk screen. The techniques have not changed a great deal other than the chemicals and materials printed on. Ink is applied to the design that has been burned in the screen. Then, the ink is imprinted on the shirt. Given the range of technology there are affordable machines for a range of companies, even small businesses. Many small companies create signs, posters, and T shirts for silk screening.

If you have decided to open a business to sell t-shirts then you’ll most likely want to have a silk screen machine. There are a range of machines to purchase, whether you are going to start a new home business or a larger company with brick and mortar location.

It is a good idea to compare the different level of machines available to make certain you have the one that is right for your needs. Obviously budget will play a part in your choice, but you may find for a little more you can have a better quality machine and level of support.

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