Defining Their Own Model of Success With a Screen Printing Business

Screen Printing | Mar 13, 2013

A Minnesota family finds the perfect business to keep their developmentally disabled son active and working … screen printing.

While raising a son with developmental disabilities this Minnesota family had considered purchasing a farm to work with their son, but the more they thought of it the more it just didn’t seem to add up. Several years earlier the father had called Printa Systems to discuss setting up a system for their oldest daughter. Now it became clear. A screen printing business would be a perfect business for the whole family and a means to keep their son active and working. After discussing their plans and analyzing their needs with their business consultant at Printa they purchased a 770 screen printing system for their new business.

Soon their plans grew. They saw the opportunity to work with other kids and young adults with disabilities so they leased a 2000 square foot space to where they could both work and play. They equipped their new spot with big screen TV’s, X-Boxes, a pool table and other games to keep everyone interested throughout the day. Their special group of employees each has their own role depending on their interests and abilities. The company has been growing over the past year and is now engaged with the “Special Olympics” to provide apparel to the organization and work for some of their participants. One of their keys to being profitable is they only take on larger orders with more simple designs. The father handles the t-shirt graphics using Corel to do the artwork and his workforce does the rest.

Although the bottom line was not originally their primary driving force, they have built a corporate career in the apparel field. This was their first business in screen printing garments. Now, in addition, they run a consulting business out of the same location helping companies in the apparel business market their products.

Printa Systems helped this family step into the screen printing business at a time when they were ready to define their next goals in life. Printa’s training and ongoing support was crucial at the beginning and remains so as the business grows. We appreciate their story and that they continue to check in to share their success. Printa Systems has helped thousands of budding entrepreneurs be successful in however they chose to define their model of success.

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