Co-Founder of Explains Business Strategy Benefits from Distributing Promotional Items

News | Aug 5, 2011

Gifting promotional items is the cheapest, the fastest, and the most effective way to grow any business. Promotional product news article from written by the co-founder of, Gareth Parkin, reports that distributing promotional products to potential customers can persuade them to buy your products by ""gently reminding consumers about your brand.""

Parkin believes that promotion gifting is more productive and less costly, which contributes to the best business strategy. He tells us of how the traditional media of direct advertising via TV, radio and billboard are no longer effective because most potential customers avoid them. Parkin adds that these old-school advertising methods are also much more costly than gifting with your logo, which would promote your company or product indirectly and gently persuade them to buy.

Printa Systems keeps up to date on relevant promotional product news. Printa agrees with Gareth Park that promotional product gifting is modern-day advertising at its best. Most major companies distribute promotional items to the public, as customers walk into their establishment or attend a one of their sponsored public events. That baseball cap or coffee mug most likely will target your customer and promote your product at times when your customer least expects it, and this promotion would be done at a very low-cost. The price of one prime-time commercial ad could run in the millions. Just imagine how many 50 cent pens, with your company's name it, a million dollars could buy.