Cedartown, Georgia Business Converts to In-House Printing: Increases Profit Margin Thanks to Printa Systems

Jul 12, 2011

A Shift Away From Outsourcing Screen Printing Profits

At Printa Systems we take our exceptionally engineered equipment and combine it with a support network that has been refined over the years. We use detailed hands-on training, unlimited technical support and unparalleled customer service to aid the home-based business owner. To highlight the efficacy of the system, we would like to present a personal example of a business in Cedartown, Georgia.

Before coming to Printa Systems, our client outsourced all of his promotional printing needs. The home-based business owner saw the ever-shrinking profit margin and decided the business needed in-house printing. We evaluated the needs of the business and recommended some screen printing equipment, specifically the 770 system with Partner Plus Marketing Support. The 770 is a machine that is compact and efficient: you only need 50 square feet to operate and it reduces set up times by 70% – 90% because of the onboard screen alignment. This made it an ideal choice for the promotional printing of our Cedartown client.

Now that you have this equipment, are you just supposed to figure out what works best on your own? This is where our Partner Plus Marketing Support comes in; we provide clients with training manuals and CDs, a market research toolkit and 24 hour assistance. Among the many other advantages of Partner Plus, there are various templates, contacts with industry sources and a lifetime warranty. Our home-based business owner is thrilled with the pace that they are learning to use the 770 system, which is far faster than expected, and they have already seen an increase in profit margins. At Printa Systems, we want our clients to succeed because that means we have succeeded. One particular client in Cedartown, Georgia is well on their way.