Cambell, CA new college grad starts successful business with Printa Systems, 770 Series Deluxe Plus 6-Color Screen Printing System

Screen Printing Business | May 21, 2011

Jeff a young college graduate experienced in graphic art and graphic design comes into the job market facing a difficult economy. Although he has a great deal of artistic talent and experience using programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator due to the economic recession he is unable to find work. His father agrees to help him start a screen printing business and after months of researching different printing supply companies they decide to go with Printa Systems.

After talking to Printa Systems he chooses the 770 Series Deluxe Plus 6- Color Screen Printing System. Since he is an experienced graphic artist but not to screen printing being able to use the 770 Series dual-pin registration feature as well as the micro-adjusts give him the ability to produce both commercial quality spot color designs for his customers and the more advanced 4-color process, and 6-color simulated process. This will let him take his existing art work and put it on clothing or any other medium. This is a great feature for him because Jeff dreams of starting his own apparel line. Now he has the tools and means to make this become a reality.

Jeff is now experiencing great success running his own business despite the economic recession. Before he even received his system he was able to win a 30,000 dollar order with the guidance we gave him during the research phase. Jeff is now making a profit of 15,000 dollars after paying for the 770 Series Deluxe Plus 6- Color Screen Printing System. Within a month of choosing Printa Systems for his equipment, training and support Jeff is able to make twice his first investment back and has a great foundation for his new business.