BusinessWingsUK Reveals that Promotional Marketing Still Has its Advantages

News | Aug 8, 2011

David Pottingham from BusinessWingsUK recently wrote a promotional product news article describing the endless advantages of promotional marketing. David believes that all people enjoy receiving free items, regardless of whether they need it or not. It is for this reason, David writes that free promotional products remain ""an immensely popular form of marketing."" According to David, most free promotional items not only cost almost nothing to produce but are also used often, giving any logo or product extended visibility. At the end of this Promotional Product News article, David tells us that customers consider free products longer than TV or radio ads, which have a shorter visual lifespan.

It is absolutely true that people like free gifts. We all use those free mousemats, key rings, mugs, pens and bags daily, and hardly know that while using the item, we are staring directly at a company logo. Even those eco-friendly free promotional items help most businesses reach those green consumers who were not before in tune to their products. Printa Systems agree that low-cost promotion giveaways should always be a part of any company's marketing mix and serve as an alternative to costly internet SEO and SEM. Printa endorses free giveaways, or better known as,""unintentional referral marketing,"" which is still no doubt, a very powerful marketing tool and necessary for every small to medium business.