Business Owner In Ontario, Canada Expands His Business Horizons With Printa Systems 990 Series Pad Printing Equipment

Pad Printing Business | May 1, 2011

Word of the excellence of Printa Systems pad printing equipment is spreading. In Ontario, Canada a fishing tackle manufacturer is expanding his operations to include customized logo printing on his product line. As more small business owners discover the profitability of Printa Systems screen and pad printing equipment, we'll continue to create exciting new business growth opportunities across the continent.

Where is the customer located?

This Printa Systems client is from Ontario, Canada.

What type of business does the client run?

The client has an existing custom tackle manufacturing business.

What are the client's needs and why did they contact Printa?

The local branch of a local non profit contacted the client and asked him to produce customized fishing lures with their logo, along with ribbon for an advertising campaign. At the time, the client didn't have any means to imprint the items he already produces. The client realized that there is a definite market for custom printed promotional material in his area and wants to expand his business.

What type of equipment did you recommend to the client?

We recommended the Printa Systems 990 Series pad printing equipment to this client.

Why did you recommend this equipment selection to the client?

This 990 Series pad printer by Printa Systems will guarantee this client the means to produce the volume he wants. He can use the pad printing equipment to offer personalized versions of products he already manufactures and sells. He'll eliminate the need to outsource and increase his business profits substantially.

What was the end result? How is the equipment helping the customer?

The customer has completed his training, he's set up his new 990 Series Pad Printer and is in the process of taking his first orders from local customers. He's very excited about getting his custom promotional printing operation off the ground.